Mission Statement

To provide empirical based research on various psycho social topics related to child development, personal care and intercultural communications.

Our goal is to provide our clients with relevant information in an organized structured platform, using cutting edge methods in electronic and social media. Our objective is to facilitate group learning situations by creating presentations that promote discussion in a diverse, inclusive, safe environment. Clients that have participated in our presentations have demonstrated that they acquired the necessary skills to foster healthy relationships.

Summary of Experience

Alethia Cadore

Registered Psychotherapist- CRPO(Canadian association of registered psychotherapists) licensed Child Youth Care Practitioner.  Alethia Is a member of the OACYC(Ontario association of child youth counsellors) http://www.oacyc.org. She currently holds an MA in Education from Central Michigan University. She is a graduate of Ryerson University obtaining an Undergraduate degree in Child Youth Care

Practicing in the field for over 20 years focusing on counseling young children, adolescents and their family. Alethia’s scope of practice is education and mental health. Alethia’s work experience in mental health/ education concentrates on working with various childhood disorders i.e. Depression, anxiety, behaviour disorders, etc.

Extensively provided input into program development, recreation and social programs for young people; age’s 6-30. She is also a master in group facilitation and has volunteered in community development projects that deal with motivating and advocating for youth.

Experience supervising and mentoring adults who are interested in pursuing the field of child and youth care and has taught and supervised students who were enrolled in the CYW program at local Community Colleges.

Certified parent educator who organized the first parent education series for mental health at a local Community Hospital and has been requested to mediate cases for Restorative Justice-Youth Court. Alethia has successfully mediated cases between parents and youth, creating plans between the parties that have modified and shaped an adolescents behavior.


CA Consulting specializes in restorative Justice, Mediation, Alternative Dispute Resolution along with Parent and Youth strategy plans.  Together their expertise in Child and Youth Work, group facilitation and Higher Education allows them to meet the needs of people from diverse backgrounds creating a presentation tailored to the individuals’ need.

Personal development workshops examine the ethical frameworks/methodologies used to resolve client problems and the pre-conceived ideologies and biases that affect the work they do.