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Intellectual Management and Knowledge Transformation

Do you know how valuable you are?  Look deeper and discover how we can transform these core values into our everyday life.

Interpersonal Communication Skills

How often have we heard this key coined phrase what we tend to omit is that we all communicate from different cultural perspectives and strengths. How can you use that to your advantage today in our global economy?

The Power of Positive Thinking /Self-Management

How can we maintain an attitude that promotes a positive and healthy self-image and understand the power behind becoming the best “you” imagined?


Stress Management Techniques

Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? We all know that worrying will not add another day or a single hour to our lives but we still do it. What techniques can be used to help us journey through life more productively?

Parent Engagement

Are parents truly to blame for the entire behavioral issues children exhibit, is there such thing as a bad parent? What has happened to the authoritative parent?  Let us have an open discussion about these topics there are no wrong answers parenting is a difficult and challenging job and we are often bombarded with one perspective on how one should parent.

Cross Cultural Dialogue

How can our beliefs, values, expectations and attitudes block our understanding of people from different cultural backgrounds? How can we use our verbal and non-verbal communication skills to be more open and respectful?